• Autoškola Easy Liberec

    Driving Course in English

    Class B = passenger car driving training
    Fully qualified and experienced English speaking instructor
    Study materials in English incl. test questions provided
    Theory webinars in evening hours
    28 school hours of driving training incl. closed training ground
    English assistance at the final exam

Price: 17 000 CZK | Payment on installments | First installment 4000 CZK |

Have more questions? Call: 603 430 545 or e-mail us: lukas.kobera@autoskolaeasy.cz

If we are not answering the call, don't panic. We are most likely teaching and simply cannot talk. Text us, and we will get back to you ASAP.

What to expect?

driving school liberec - theory

Theory lessons

English course is an individual course with no fixed theory lessons dates and times. Instead we schedule lessons according to your free time, preferably in evening hours.


If you wish, we can arrange as much theory as possible as online webinars, so you can attend our virtual lessons and stay in your livingroom.

You will get all necessary study materials in English, so you can do your homework.

driving school liberec - passenger car training

Driving training

Training begins at our large closed training ground near Home Credit Arena, where you will get familiar with car controls. When you are ready to proceeed to the public road training, we will take you to calm and quiet rural roads first, and then gradually increase your workload.

Eventually you will be able to cope with heavy traffic in the city center.

One regular training lesson takes two school hours (90 minutes).

Theory exam

You will take the theory exam with the asistance of our authorized translator (cost: approximately 400 CZK - not covered by the course price). Theory test consists of 25 randomly chosen questions to be answered within 30 minutes time limit.

Practical exam

Final practical exam takes up to 30 minutes. You must show confident and cautious driving, not to mention, that you must not break any road code rule.

řidičský průkaz

Terms and Conditions

  • minimum age: 18 years
  • medical certicate: will be issued by your general practitioner
  • residency: proof of residency in the Czech republic, e.g. Residency Card issued by the Foreigners Police, Certificate of Study, Employment Contract etc.
  • note: the driving licence will only be issued to applicants, who have been living in the Czech republic for at least 185 days (directive of the EU)

Did you know?

As a non-EU citizen residing in the Czech republic (e.i. student, employee, enterpreneur) you may only use your international on national driving licence for 185 days. Driving any longer without valid Czech driving licence may be punished by severe fine and long term driving ban.